interx-treatment-webThe InterX provides dynamic and targeted treatment to areas of low tissue impedance (problem areas) to reduce pain by desensitising the nerves. The machine produces a prickle like sensation via the electrodes and is used at the appropriate amplitude and frequency for each condition.

Conditions that respond well to InterX therapy include: heel and arch pain, Achilles and calf muscle pain and shin splints. We usually recommend InterX therapy in combination with other treatments such as orthotics, strapping and footwear.

What makes InterX therapy different?

The InterX is the only electric stimulation (EStim) device that displays a number on the front of the device when contacted with the skin, it shows the podiatrist exactly where the body has the greatest capacity to receive the stimulation. The readout tells the podiatrist where to focus on the body to generate the greatest healing.

How does InterX work?

By applying Estim to the nerves across the skin, the body will release its own natural pain relieving chemicals. The InterX has multiple attachments that permit treatment to toes, feet and legs which will create the greatest pain relieving results. No other electrical stimulation device is able to do this.

What Are the Side Effects?

There are no known side effects to InterX treatment. We do not use it when a patient has a pacemaker, is pregnant or has an active tumour.